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Creative Workspace Online

Fall Quarter

September 14 - December 14


Early Bird Discount: $60 off if you pay by September 1


Creative Workspace is a quarter-long artmaking class open to artists of all different disciplines. These are not technique classes. Nope nope nope. Technique is useful, but it's not the thing that lights my fire. Ideas are what really get me going. This class helps people to find new things to do with the skills they bring with them. We explore a million different ways to spark imagination, and we dig into questions like, "What do I want to say with my art?" "What do I want to be putting into the world?" and "How can I use art to respond to what's going on around me?" Sound heavy? Yeah, sometimes it is. We also do a lot of playing, writing, laughing, wondering, discovering, breathing, drawing, reading, watching, listening, and a little crying. Most of the readings for this class are by women and people of color -- both because the readings I've selected are AWESOME, and because I want to highlight some of the brilliant voices not historically heard. Assignments are due once a week, posted online. We’ll get to know each other through our work and will get to support one another by giving feedback on that work. We’ll have two all-group video conferences and each participant will get one one-on-one session with me. Yay, Art!


*There are a limited number of work-trade positions available.  

To register, email jennabeanveatch(at)gmail(dot)com.





The Workshop Workshop

July 27-30, 2020

Port Orchard, WA

Moving into its fourth year, I am SUPER excited to be continuing to grow this magical camp!

The Workshop Workshop is a summer camp for adults devoted to curiosity, creativity, kindness. 

How does it work?

Everyone's a teacher. Everyone's a student.

As a participant, you are encouraged to lead one workshop lasting up to two hours, and to take as many workshops as you like.

Workshops can be on just about anything:  harmony; quantum physics; understanding white privilege; knitting; listening; grief; hip-hop; fishing; Javanese shadow puppets; holotropic breathwork; knot tying; medicinal uses of native plants; improvising around the major pentatonic scale; tortilla making; dream interpretation; changing your brake pads; color theory; constellations (held at midnight on the field, of course); dives & belly flops (held on the dock in the lake, naturally); basketball free throws (held on the basketball court – where else?); the science of how a heart really works; arts activism; landscape architecture & social justice; the history of ideas; yodeling; new efforts in palliative care; tax preparation for self-employed artists; being an introvert in communal settings; the perfect sandwich...

Camp takes place over three days at a beautiful retreat center in the woods near Seattle, with comfortable room and pretty darn good board.

Learn more here!