the not-creepy gathering


In the spring of 2015, I was at work on a show that was to be both about the desire for human connection and that would aim to actually create connection in the moment by having the audience actively participate. Then one day while walking around a lake I got this idea... and The Not-Creepy Gathering was born.  

The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Are Single and Want to Fall In Love is a structured, participatory event designed to facilitate connection.  I realized that, if my goal truly was to facilitate connection, this was a far more effective method of doing that. I was at first surprised to find myself hosting a dating event. Wtf?! But stepping back for a wider view, it began to make sense. It has always been important to me to take care of my audience. I've always been aware of and intentional about the emotions I'm evoking. That was gradually pushed further, into intentionally creating experience. This project pushes that even further, to the point where it becomes all about creating experience and is no longer a performance. In this way, I can see the trajectory.

The first event was magical.  It drew an enormous crowd, was exciting, totally fun, super sweet, and surprisingly moving, and it led to a remarkable number of new relationships.  I felt like I'd gotten to send out all these little love ripples that continued to spread.  I've now hosted more than a dozen of these gatherings up and down the West Coast.  

I am proud of this thing and feel lucky to get to do this work.

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